RFID for Retail

Imagine yourself entering a retail store to buy a blouse or a shirt with a specific color and size in mind. To your surprise, the store display area has the colors you don’t like, and the sizes that don’t fit.

After a few moment, a store Associate comes over and offers to locate the exact item you specify. The store Associate, then looks up inventory from a computer, and says she will be back with your item.

Ten minutes later, she comes out empty handed, and swears that the item you wanted is in inventory, but she just cannot locate it. You (the customer) walk out not being happy, and the store just lost a sale.

On top of that, the store delivered a below-average customer experience which may further impact future sales.

Sounds familiar? This scenario happens every day in retail stores worldwide. Is there a solution for this unique problem in Retail?

The answer is yes, and the key is to have a system that tracks store inventory at specific item-level with unprecedented accuracy.

It’s a well-known fact that retail inventory accuracy is about 60% at best.

Smarthin Technologies intends to change this using our RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) solutions. With our item-level embedding and tracking technologies, we aim to improve retail inventory accuracy to 95% or better! Retailers will realize enormous results in efficiency throughout store channels.

Is your store inventory accuracy currently below 95%?
Are your stores losing sales due to insufficient replenishes or empty shelves?
Is your company profit shrinking because of over-inventory markdown?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, Smarthin Technologies can have a solution for you using our RFID technologies. Please contact us for more details.

RFID for Retail

Imagine Your Self…

RFID for Laundry

As the case with many commercial laundry companies, one of the biggest obstacles is keeping track of the huge amount of linens throughout many processing steps which could include receiving, sorting, counting, laundering, drying, pressing, folding, and shipping again. 

The daily dealing with many tons of linens is only a scratch on the surface. Under those mountains of linens usually comprise many different types of linens. Each type may have many different styles with multiple colors and sizes.

Manually processing tons of various linens through all the steps is laborious and erroneous.  

Processing by weight is certainly an improvement, but marginal and lacking item-level information. Besides the involved operating costs, linen replacement cost also plays a big part in the overall company expenses.

If your company is looking to streamline the laundry operations and to reduce expenses, Smarthin Technologies’ RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) solution may be the answer to automate the tracking of each linen item.

By embedding Smarthin Technologies’ RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) laundry tag in every piece of linen, the unique ID number of each item, captured by our RFID Readers, can be tracked at every step of the laundering cycle.

This item-level tracking ability gives Management a level of information intelligence that has never been achieved before.

• Track any piece of linen any time
• Monitor return rate of each linen item
• Monitor wash-cycle count of each linen item
• Detect loss linen and track replacements
• Manage item-level inventory at different locations

The benefits of implementing Smarthin Technologies’ RFID solution in the commercial laundry are almost endless. Please contact us for more details!

RFID for Retail

Track any piece of linen any time

RFID for Uniform

For uniform rental companies that ship and receive thousand of garments a day including multiple styles, colors, sizes, or even customized printed names, inventory management can sometimes be a nightmare. 

Accurate and intelligent inventory control may be the first crucial step for a uniform rental company to be more efficient and to improve its bottom line.

But first, let’s understand the capabilities of the existing inventory management system by simply answer some of these questions.

Is current inventory accuracy above 95% when counting every single piece of garment?

• Is item-level historical record currently available for every single piece of garment?
• Is every piece of garment being tracked for wear-and-tear? For rented frequency? 
• Is the company losing sales due to the insufficient inventory of most popular items? or spending too much on the inventory of unpopular items?
• Are opportunities being missed because of the unavailability of historical records to learn more about customers?

With Smarthin Technologies’ RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) solutions, every piece of garment can be tracked with our RFIDgarment tag and our RFID readers. 

Smarthin Technologies’ RFID solutions, not only simplify the inventory process but give uniform rental companies a new level of information intelligence. 

Accurate information regarding every piece of garment and every customer are vital in making business decisions. This often lead to increasing sales, decreasing replacement, but most important of all, a boost in customer satisfaction.

To find out more about Smarthin Technologies’ RFID solutions for the uniform rental industry, please contact us for more details.

RFID for Retail

No more nightmares!

RFID for Inventory Management

Regardless of industry your company is in, if you have to manage inventory of thousands (or even millions) of items and their multiple variations, there will always be challenges.

If your warehouses are tracking assets manually, it could be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often resulted in errors. If tracking the locations of assets are required, that is especially challenging.

On top of that, printed labels, barcodes, or stickers can be removed or damaged. When replacing with new labels, the same asset may have multiple records which would compound the errors

Smarthin Technologies solves these challenging problems using our innovative RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) solutions. Smarthin Technologies’ rugged RFID tags and stickers can be embedded in different types of assets and their variations. Our RFID tags and stickers can be individually programmed, so every single item would have its own unique ID.

Smarthin Technologies’ RFID Readers would then record these tagged items wirelessly, and send the information to customer’s database.

With the automated and accurate information (accuracy is often greater than 95%) at the fingertip, customers have a whole range of options for tracking and monitoring assets. Individual item-level historical records are often used by customers to track for item wear-and-tear, item loss and replacement, item usage frequency, locations, and much more.

Say goodbye to the days of manual check-in and check-out processes!

Smarthin Technologies’ RFID solutions can deliver a better inventory management experience! Please contact us for more details!

RFID for Retail